Terms & Conditions

The Soul2Speak Entertainment Installment plans by Affirm are available to help you purchase your registration for any of our destination travel. We also offer PayPal installment plans but please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully.

Our PayPal installment plans must be paid in full prior to the start of any destination travel for your registration/room deposit to be valid. Installment plans cannot be canceled in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. Please be confident of your purchase of the installment plan and your participation in any Soul2Speak Entertainment event. In accordance with our refund policy, please be aware that there are no refunds for paid or partially paid plans. In the event of non-payment, any deposited funds are forfeited for the proposed event. Please check your shopping cart carefully before checking out. Any service fees for the payment plan will appear in the total. We are unable to make any changes to your payment plan once your order has been submitted to Affirm. You must always have a valid form of payment on file during your installment plan. In the event of a declined charge, the system will cancel your plan from automatic withdrawals and possibly switch it to manual invoices for the remaining payments. All manual invoices will incur a $25 fee per transaction. Invoices that are unpaid after seven days will be considered in default. Plans that are in default will follow the terms of a non-payment. You agree to abide by Soul2Speak Entertainment’s Installment Plan Terms by initiating and making the first payment of this installment plan.

Affirm Payment Plan Refund Policy

Refunds are subject to the Soul2Speak Entertainments refunds policy, which has a non-refundable policy after the listed date of each destination. Affirm will only issue a refund if the merchant receives the customer’s request and processes the refund within 120 days from the date of purchase, however after 14 days of booking, Soul2Speak Entertainment does not process refunds so the traveler will have to explore travel insurance options for refunds of any personal or medical cancellations.

If approved and the payment was processed via Affirm, Affirm will credit any loan payments the customer has made, up to the refund amount, to the original form of payment within 3 to 10 business days of the refund. The refund does not include interest paid on the loan.

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